MARKUS TRADING was established in 1995 as a successor of company Markus established in 1993.

Former trading and service organization for container glass industry started to do its own improvements of delivered parts and assemblies regarding customer’s needs at the end of nineties and at the start of 2000. It later led to original design of servomechanisms of plunger (2003), invert (2004) and take-out (2004), from design to prototypes and their tests and production.

Other commercially successful product of Markus Trading is system PPCS with valves EPS215 for full control over pressure in time for counter & final blow and plunger mechanisms.

We here at Markus Trading are open to all new ideas so other improved parts, assemblies and servomechanisms are coming soon combining both mechanical and electronic experience of us and cooperating companies.

We are preparing a new website for you!


Markus Trading s.r.o.
Zavrena 1517
463 11 Liberec
Czech Republic

E-mail: - Ing. Ervin Roucek
E-mail: - Ing. Rostislav Sretr
E-mail: - Ing. Dusan Tomasek